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2 min readAug 28, 2023


We’re delighted to reveal the names of the 24 talented photographers who won AAP Magazine #33: Nature. Predominantly women photographers, they come from 11 different countries and 3 continents.

For this new edition of All About Photo Magazine we chose to feature projects that beautifully capture the essence of nature, highlighting the magnificence of landscapes, wildlife, and flora & fauna. Nature photography is a captivating genre that explores and captures the breathtaking beauty of the natural world.

Nature photography not only celebrates the earth’s majesty but also serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of conservation and our responsibility to protect our planet for future generations. Behind the camera lens, photographers possess a unique skill to seize the intricate marvels of our natural world, ranging from the towering splendor of mountains to the delicate intricacies of a flower’s petal. These images stand as potent ambassadors for our Earth, consistently reminding us of the breathtaking spectacles that grace our daily existence.

In a world often entrapped by the relentless pace of contemporary living, nature photography emerges as a sanctuary, urging us to pause and reflect upon the awe-inspiring landscapes, the diverse ecosystems, and the countless species that have carved their niche on Earth. These visual odysseys into the wilderness transport us to the farthest reaches of the globe, where untouched beauty remains unmarred by human hands. Through the lens of a photographer, we are allowed to partake in the exhilaration of a ride on a boat in Vietnam, discover Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains, or the serenity of a sunrise in Patagonia.

The Winner of AAP Magazine 33 is Thomas Vijayan (Canada) with the image Golden Headed Langur

Golden Headed Langur © Thomas Vijayan

The Second Place Winner is Teri Figliuzzi (United States) with the series ‘Gathering’

Duet © Teri Figliuzzi

The Third Place Winner is Christina Mcfaul (United States) with the series ‘Sanctuary in the Wild’

Unfurling © Christina Mcfaul

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